Data Protection Systems Used by Good Online Casinos

One major concern of online gamblers is if their personal data is kept safe. With the modern technology and the massive industry of online gambling, you can be sure that most of them keep your personal information safe. Although, there can still be rogue casinos in this regulated industry that are trying to make some money and then disappear. The good thing is that there are already signs to look for to assure you that the online casino is safe to play at.


eCOGRA was started in 2003 which is a joint venture that eCOGRA and Microgaming started. eCOGRA is responsible for auditing and doing casino reviews, as well as online gaming systems of the internet gaming industry for more than 10 years. It caters to what online gamblers need and protects their rights and personal data. The online casinos normally have an RNG (random number generator) software.

Site Lock

Web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer have a lock key which you will see on the web address. This aims to inform the user of the page’s origin and point out that no network attacker viewed the website. Therefore, the site lock helps users to notice if the website is authentic. An important consideration to make is if the lock icon cannot be seen all the time and it varies based on the browser used.

Firewall Systems

As prevention against hackers who want to steal player data, online casinos use specific technologies like modern firewall systems. They also have a 24/7 security technical staff to check if hackers are trying to get in. In addition, it is worth noting that majority of online casinos also use third party security management systems that include professional organizations that specialize in this.

TST (Technical System Testing)

Technical system testing labs have been around since 1993 and their job is to check how an online slot or roulette machine works. By doing this, there was an improvement in the quality standard, performance, and credibility that casino platforms have to maintain. Since 2010, the TST company has been connected to gaming laboratories to set up new measures of compliance and quality in the industry of iGaming.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Safe online casinos disclose the data they are collecting, how they will use it, and for what purpose. The online casino tells you if there are any third-parties that your data will be shared with. You will be given the right to ask for a portable copy of their collected data. Each operator of an online casino is required to have an officer who protects data and will be responsible in managing the GDPR compliance.

Online casinos are very strict when it comes to protecting data and these are the different systems they use in order to protect player data.

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